F*EX use case: BIGMAIL

Some users are overcharged in using two different tools for one task:
They want to use ONLY their known mail program no matter how big their e-mail with attachments is.

37 years after invention of the CD it is still not possible to send it by e-mail. Not mentioning DVDs...

You can set up a F*EX enabled MTA which accepts e-mails of any size. The e-mails will be scanned for big attachments and if they are bigger than a specified size (default: 10 MB), they will get deattached, stored on the F*EX server and inside the e-mail replaced with the download link. Example:

  112 MB attachment saved as:


  Attention: URL will expire after 10 days!

F*EX enabled postfix with fexmail

Operation mode: the postfix mail relay pipes incoming smtp e-mail from the MUA to the fexmail script which disassembles the e-mail in its MIME components and sends the attachments via fexsend to the fexserver (one needs an UNIX fexmail user and a F*EX fexmail user). The fexmail script then reassembles the e-mail using the download URL(s) provided by the fexserver and reinjects it into the mail relay.

Setup details: