SAFT / sendfile

Compared to the Bitnet there was no asynchronous file transfer service defined in the Internet. The existing standard file transfer, the ftp, is a synchronous service: an interactive login on both ends of the file transfer is mandatory for the user to set up a connection between both points.

If any user A wanted to send a file to another user B, the following (sometimes inconvenient) choices were available:

To avoid all these disadvantages 1995 the SAFT-protocol (Simple Asynchronous File Transfer) was developed and the sendfile software was created as a reference implementation for UNIX platforms.


After more than 10 years of installation on many hosts and practical usage there have been shown several problems with SAFT/sendfile : While the last point is theoretically solvable by implementing SAFT on Windows (and other operating systems), the other points are not. They are protocol inherent.

To overcome these problems a new protocol was introduced, completly web based (HTTP / tcp port 80): F*EX.
The end user only needs a web browser for access.

last updated: 2008-05-01
author: Ulli Horlacher