fstools : zz - shell clip board

zz is the generic clip board program.
The clip board itself is $ZZ (default: $HOME/.zz).
zz stores up to 10 clip board versions (through vv) and comes with clip board editor ezz.
Limitation: zz does not work across different accounts or hosts! Use xx instead.

See xzz for X11 clip board history.

zz comes with vv and del in one package.

Options and modes are:

  "zz"              show content of $ZZ
  "zz file(s)"      copy file(s) content into $ZZ
  "zz -"            write STDIN (keyboard, mouse buffer) to $ZZ
  "zz +"            add STDIN (keyboard, mouse buffer) to $ZZ
  "... | zz"        write STDIN from pipe to $ZZ
  "... | zz +"      add STDIN from pipe to $ZZ
  "... | zz -"      write STDIN from pipe to $ZZ and STDOUT
  "zz | ..."        write $ZZ to pipe
  "... | zz | ..."  save pipe data to $ZZ (like tee)
  "zz --"           write $ZZ to STDOUT
  "zz -v"           show clip board versions (history)
  "zz -1"           write $ZZ version 1 to STDOUT
  "zz -9"           write $ZZ version 9 to STDOUT


  zz *.txt
  ls -l | zz
  zz | wc -l
  zz -v
  zz -2
  (within vi)   :w !zz
  (within vi)   :r !zz
  (within mutt) |zz