fstools : ww (with what) - terminal based file selection

ww is an interactive file selection shell tool: you can (de)select files with SPACE, cursor-keys and ENTER and optional execute commands on the selected files.

usage: ww [files...] [: commands...]
example: ww *jpg         # select *jpg
example: ww *tmp : rm %F # remove selected *tmp
example: ww .            # reselect last selected files
example: ww : wc %F      # word count of last selected files
example: ww . : wc %F    # word count of reselected files
see also: with -h


ww *mp3

More examples:

  wc $(ww *.txt)
  ww *.txt : wc %F
  cp $(ww *.jpg) /data/archive/
  ww *.jpg : cp %F /data/archive/
Also, you can afterwards review the selected file list, just by calling ww without arguments or reselect the list with ww .

ww can also:

ww needs the editor jed. On Ubuntu or Debian you can install jed with:

  apt-get install jed

ww also needs the slang library file select.sl (stored in $HOME/lib, $JED_ROOT/lib or /usr/local/lib), and the main program with.

To install ww, run as root:

  cd /usr/local
  wget -qO- http://fex.belwue.de/ww.tar | tar --no-same-owner -xvf -
or as normal user:
  cd $HOME
  wget -qO- http://fex.belwue.de/ww.tar | tar -xvf -

For the curious, the components of ww are: