usage: nvt [-vusS] [-t sec] [-d delay] [-q string] host:port [string(s)]
   or: nvt [-vusS] [-t sec] [-W] [-w pattern] [-q string] host:port [string(s)]
   or: nvt [-vusS] [-t sec] [-d delay] [-q string] device [string(s)]
options: -v  verbose mode
         -u  substrings within <> will be translated to UTF-7
         -s  shell commands within `` will be evaluated
         -S  use SSL
         -t  timeout value in seconds
	 -d  delay in seconds between sending of the argument-strings
	 -D  delay in seconds before start sending of the argument-strings
         -q  quit when server sends "string"
         -w  wait until server sends pattern (*)
         -W  wait until server sends RFC reply answer (*)
	     (*) lines within \\ border-lines are sent as a block
                 sending string QUIT terminates the session
arguments: host     remote server
           port     remote tcp port
	   device   any (serial) device /dev/...
           strings  command arguments for remote server
                    (a file (contents) may be specified by '!string')
examples: nvt info
          nvt -u
          nvt -vW < smtp.batch
          nvt -d 1 /dev/cua1 '!router.batch'