usage: fexsend [options] file recipient(s)
   or: fexsend [options] -a archive files... recipient(s)
   or: fexsend [special options]
options: -v           verbose mode
         -d           delete file on fex server
         -c           compress file with gzip
         -m limit     limit throughput (kB/s)
         -i tag       use ID data from [tag] in /home/framstag/.fex/id
         -C comment   add comment to notification e-mail
         -k max       keep file max days on fex server
         -K           no auto-delete after download
         -D           delay auto-delete after download
         -M           MIME-file (to be displayed in recipient's webbrowser)
         -a archive   put files in archive (.zip .7z .tar .tgz)
special options: -I      initialize ID file
                 -I tag  add alternate ID data to ID file
                 -l      list sent files
                 -Q      check quotas
                 -A      edit server address book
                 -H      show hints and tips
examples: fexsend visualization.mpg
          fexsend -a *.jpg