base convertion programs
Usage:     CONVERT arguments
   or:     ... | CONVERT
   or:     bconvert install
where CONVERT is one of:  
  b2o: binary to octal
  b2d: binary to decimal
  b2h: binary to hexadecimal
  o2b: octal to binary
  o2d: octal to decimal
  o2h: octal to hexadecimal
  o2a: octal to ASCII
  d2b: decimal to binary
  d2o: decimal to octal
  d2h: decimal to hexadecimal
  d2a: decimal to ASCII
  h2b: hexadecimal to binary
  h2o: hexadecimal to octal
  h2d: hexadecimal to decimal
  h2a: hexadecimal to ASCII
  a2o: ASCII to octal
  a2d: ASCII to decimal
  a2h: ASCII to hexadecimal
Examples:  d2h 255
	   o2d 644 755
	   pwd | a2d

Use "bconvert install" to create all CONVERT programs (they are symlinks).